Ever wondered how Rattan Outdoor Furniture is made? Well, here’s how……..

Step 1: Creating The Frame

Firstly the aluminium or steel base frame is created to shape which is then powder coated to prevent any corrosion once subject to the variable British weather. It is essential.

Step 2: The Weaving Begins

For those of you who may not know, the plastic rattan starts as a small, humble bean (much like a coffee bean) that is melted and then made into long strands.

The first step in weaving is to fix the vertical strands to the chair or table. These are stapled into the frame to fix into place. From here the horizontal strands can start to be woven to create the dense, almost solid finish you see in our quality rattan furniture. This work is done by hand and is completed by highly trainer and quality assured weave masters.

Once each rattan chair, table, sun lounger etc has been carefully produced they are then sent through a quality check procedure to ensure the quality and finish is correct.


The best bit is, our entire collection of Rattan outdoor furniture is 100% weatherproof thanks to being Super durable, UV stable, and Waterproof.

This means that you can leave the furniture outdoors year-round if you wish, and with a hose-down in the spring, your rattan outdoor furniture will look as good as new again!